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Recommendations re: Diff Protection 9/9/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
An interesting thread about protection options for the Chrysler 8.25 diff.
RockCrawler Review: Crane Diff Cover 1/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"The price you pay is definitely worth it, as they Crane covers keep your differentials and gears safe and these would probably be the last diff covers you’ll ever need!"
RockCrawler Review: Poison Spyder Rock Rings 1/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"The Rock Rings sell for $128.50 and after using them for several months, we are confident that they are one of the smartest investments you can make for your trail rig - especially if you are clearance-challenged."
Crane Differential Cover By Crane High Clearance 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Bullet-proof replacement differential cover, available for the Chrysler 8.25.
Vendors: 4X4 Rock Shop 172.80 Free shipping!
Rokmen 172.80 Free shipping!
Crane High Clearance 192.00
Poison Spyder Rock Ring By Poison Spyder Customs 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Very attractive and effective diff protection.
Vendors: 4x4 RockShop 105.00 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Shipping: $12.50
Poison Spyder Customs 108.00 Shipping: $12.22
Reviews: jpzkj Posted by jpzkj on the LOST forums: " the way the Poison Spyder Rock Ring is killer...fits perfect and is built like a battleship." 1/31/05
Troysterr Just got my Rock Ring...holy cow, what a hunk of metal! My only complaint is that there is a scrape in the powdercoating, but I'd be putting it there in a month or two, anyway. 1/30/05
BTF Kryptonite Diff Cover By Blue Torch Fabrication 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Lower-cost version of the Crane diff cover. Kind of ugly if you ask me, but it probably works great.
Vendors: CrawlTech 139.00
Rubicon 4X4 139.95 Shipping: $19.95
Blue Torch Fabrication 139.99 Shipping to 84020: $16.76.
RRO Diff Guard By Rocky Road Outfitters 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Nice-looking tubular diff guard that uses all of the bolts, AFAIK. Main stock is 3/8" thick...should be enough to protect against peeling the diff cover on rocks.
Vendors: eBay 73.00 Rocky Road sells their diff guards on eBay, with a starting bid of $59 and a "Buy It Now" price of $73. Shipping is probably the same as if you buy from their website.
Rocky Road Outfitters 76.00
Rusty's 8.25 Chrysler Diff Guard (DS825) By Rusty's Off-road Products 6/6/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Uuuugly, but probably pretty effective.
Vendors: Rusty's Off-road Products 60.00
FourXDoctors Diff Guard By FourXDoctors 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Nice-looking, heavy-duty tubular diff guard. Probably won't protect against peeling the diff cover on rocks very well (only 3/16" thick).
Vendors: FourXDoctors 69.95 Call 818-845-2194 to order.
Custom 4X4 Diff Guard By Custom 4X4 Fabrication 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Not the greatest-looking diff guard, but the price is good.
Vendors: Jeepin Outfitters 63.50
Custom 4X4 Fabrication 65.00
Rock-It Glider By Turbo City 1/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"Warning: Gliders are not designed to be indestructible, but they are sacrificial, that is they maybe bent upon impact but will protect the differential."
Vendors: Turbo City 121.95
Reviews: Troysterr "Sacrificial"? I'm sorry, but this just seems like a goofy idea to me--they reduce ground clearance, and they're almost certain to be hit on every trail run, so you'd have to replace them all the time. If anyone has used these things and thinks they work, feel free to correct me. 1/30/05