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Installing an OTIS / EVIC into a KJ 8/3/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"If you have a KJ Sport or any model that did not come with an Overhead console, there is a good chance it's possible to install one very cheaply!"
Lotek Guage Pods By Lotek 5/6/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Guage Pods are a cool way to add a couple of guages (oil pressure, temp, etc.)
Vendors: Lotek 39.99 Price is for unpainted black. Add $7.99 for Neutral Beige.
AntennaX 15" OEM Whip Replacement Mast By AntennaX 4/9/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"These are NEW HIGH QUALITY OEM Replacement Antenna Masts which are 50% off of Dealer Factory Retail. If your current antenna is bent, missing, rusted, old, or you are just receiving BAD reception then it's time for a new antenna."
Vendors: AntennaX 13.99 Shipping: $5.50
AntennaX Euro-Style Flexible Rubber Antenna By AntennaX 4/9/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"Replace your metal shaft antenna with this stylish yet functional LOW PROFILE (13.5 inches) flexible rubber antenna."
Vendors: AntennaX 9.99 Shipping: $4.99
Reviews: Troysterr I've got this antenna and it works reasonably well, but it's pretty cheap looking. If you just need a replacement antenna, pick one up at your dealer for $18 or so. I do still use this one on the trail, to avoid damaging my OEM mast. 7/24/05