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Air Filter Controversy 2/28/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Read this before buying a "high-performance" filter or intake (K&N, etc.) Scroll down to the "Air Filter Controversy" section. Forums: K&N Air Filter - does it make ANY difference? 2/28/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Interesting thread about K&N filters.
ISO 5011 Air Filter Tests 3/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Very revealing tests regarding the effectiveness of gauze and foam air filter elements. (Click here if the main link is unreachable). Thread: Alright! K&N In The Mail 2/28/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Somewhat contentious debate about the merits of K&N filters. Good to scan through if you're considering a "high-performance" filter or intake.
JeepsUnlimited's Brute Force Intake System Install & Review 1/30/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"After driving the KJ with the air tube on for a couple hundred miles I can say that if seat of the pants gauging is worth anything the low end and mid range torque in freeway/street driving seems to have improved considerably and I believe my fuel economy may have increased as well. The throttle just feels smoother and it seems to downshift less when passing." K&N FIPK reviews 1/31/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Has a couple dozen reviews by customers. Review: Poweraid Thottle Body Spacer 2/2/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"Poweraid claims their spacers provide 'tremendous torque and mileage increases', and while the spacer did seem to increase power with my 33's and stock gears, I wouldn't call it a 'tremendous' increase. I can't tell yet what kind of mileage gains I'll get, if any."
STS Remote Turbo 5/27/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Squires Turbo Systems has a bolt-on turbo system for under $4,000. It doesn't fit the KJ directly, but they have a generic version that you could install if you don't mind doing some custom fabrication.
Wix Air Filter (42329) By Wix Filtration Products 9/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Wix makes great filters.
Vendors: Filter1 8.87 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Lowest prices on Wix filters. They primarily sell to businesses, but they will sell to individuals. Free shipping on orders of 6 filters or $50 or more. 10.16 Shipping to 84020: $6.34.
Reviews: Troysterr I've heard nothing but good things about Wix filters, and the price is good. Plus, you don't have to worry about washing and oiling them. They're all I've run for a couple of years now. 1/1/08
Airaid Replacement Filter (850-233) By Airaid 5/5/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Yet another drop-in filter replacement. Washable like K&N, etc., with a lifetime warranty. They claim to get better filtration, but still improved air flow.
Vendors: Specialties Performance 36.49 Shipping to 84020: $10.11
Summit Racing 39.95 Free shipping, $8.95 handling fee per order.
Car Stuff 40.20 Shipping: $5.50. (Shipping is free on orders over $50.)
Green High Performance Air Filter (2200) By Green Filter 7/30/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Woven cotton filters, similar to K&N, but claim to have better filtration.
Vendors: Auto Parts and Accessories 41.34 Shipping: $5.50 (free on orders of $50 or more).
Speedy Performance Parts 42.18 Shipping: $5.50 (free on orders of $50 or more).
More Than Tires 49.00 Shipping: $11.87
K&N FilterCharger Replacement Filter (33-2233) By K&N 1/28/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"K&N’s high flow replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration."
Vendors: N2Performance 38.97
AJ-USA 38.98 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Free shipping! 39.37
Crutchfield 39.99 The site says that this filter doesn't fit the Liberty, but it is the right part number. Call to verify fitment.
Street Demand 39.99
Rubicon 4X4 42.78
Performance Products 43.95
Rocky Road Outfitters 48.00
K&N FilterCharger Replacement Filter (33-2261) By K&N 1/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
This is the replacement filter for the 2.4L L4 engine.
Vendors: AJ-USA 37.68 Free shipping!
K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit (57-1528) By K&N 1/29/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"The Generation II FIPK® is K&N's ultimate performance product, designed to increase power by as much as 10%."
(Only available for 3.7L V6.)
Vendors: CarDomain 219.95 Shipping to 84020: $8.95
Cold Air Intake Shop 225.78 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Free shipping!
AJ-USA 235.28 Free shipping! 235.28 Free shipping!
Speedy Car Parts 237.66 Free shipping!
Auto Parts Warehouse 237.66 Free shipping! "Match or Beat Pricing!"
TrueFlow High Performance Air Filter (35200) By TrueFlow 1/31/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Foam filter. They claim that it captures more dirt than paper and gauze filters, with less air flow restriction.
Vendors: Proficient Performance 47.32 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Free shipping! (Verify fitment: This is the correct part #, but states different vehicles.) 50.28 Shipping: $10.25
AEM Brute Force Intake System By AEM 1/30/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"From the pioneers of Cold Air Induction, AEM BRUTE FORCE Intakes are designed specifically for large displacement engines found in popular truck and SUVs."
Vendors: 263.41 Free shipping!
4X4 Rock Shop 265.00 Free Shipping! (Note: The picture on their website shows a body throttle spacer, but the kit for the KJ has no spacer.)
Helix Power Tower Plus By Street and Performance Electronics 2/2/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"Street and Performance Electronics, the first company to develop the throttle body spacer that delivers improved power, performance, and economy has achieved a design breakthrough!"
Vendors: Hubcaps Plus 74.48 Hot Price: This is probably the best deal you'll find. Free shipping!
PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer By Airaid 2/2/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
"The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers from AIRAID Premium Filter Company are designed to greatly improve the low-end torque and horsepower characteristics of your engine."
Vendors: Ultimate Jeep Store 112.95 Shipping: $17.95
AJ-USA 119.88 Free shipping!
TrueFlow Air Intake System By TrueFlow 1/31/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Vendors: Proficient Performance 231.20 Free shipping! 231.75 Free shipping!
Volant Air Intake System By Volant Performance 1/31/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Vendors: 197.32 Shipping: $15.90
Hopup Racing 204.00 Free shipping!
AutoAnything 230.00 Free Shipping!
Rusty's Air Tube By Rusty's Off-road Products 2/26/05 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes) Write Review
Add a K&N filter for a total cost of about $60+S/H--way less than a K&N FIPK or other air intake. (Don't get the 6x9 filter...according to this thread.)
Vendors: Rusty's Off-road Products 29.95 Add K&N 4.5"x5" ($29.95) filter.
Reviews: Troysterr Rusty's sent me the wrong part...and, once I looked at it, I couldn't believe I paid $50 for it. I think the stock airbox is the best way to go. 1/1/08