Jars.com 9/23/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
The #1 Java Review Service." Very comprehensive site.
Java World 9/23/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Online version of the printed publication. Very, very well done.
Planet Source Code 10/27/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"Hundreds of thousands of lines of free programming code for the taking!"
Website Abstraction 1/24/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Mostly JavaScript, pretty good stuff.
IBM developerWorks 10/26/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Lots of interesting stuff. It's no MSDN, but there is some useful stuff here.
Bogus LInk 9/5/01 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Just a test.
The Java Boutique 9/23/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Lots of Java applets. Most are interesting, but few are actually useful.