Compare Microsoft .NET to J2EE 1/12/02 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
If the benchmark results and code samples in these materials are accurate, then .NET has some significant advantages over J2EE in several areas, including efficiency of code, performance, and scalability.
Netcraft Website Finder 5/31/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Has a "What's that site running?" utility, web server surveys, and other useful information for finding out who is using which Web servers.
The Petstore Revisited: J2EE vs .NET Application Server Performance Benchmark 11/4/02 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
This report contains the results of an extensive new series of benchmarks based on a new implementation of the Java Pet Store, developed by the Middleware Company. The new implementation has been extensively optimized for performance and scalability, and tested in two leading J2EE application servers.
Transaction Processing Performance Council 2/18/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Objective performance benchmarks. The Microsoft DNA architecture has always turned in stunning marks for the sub-40k tpmC range for price/performance. (Roger Sessions argues that over 94% of all applications fall into the sub-40k tpmC category.) As of 2/17/2000, a Compaq cluster running Windows 2000 (using COM+ for transaction management) and SQL Server 2000 turns in the best TCP-C performance in history, beating the next closest competitor (a RISC System 6000 Enterprise Server S80 running Oracle 8i) by over 67%, at just over half the cost.
Comparing JavaServer Pages™ and Microsoft® Active Server Pages™ Technologies 2/29/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Sun compares ASP and JSP technologies.
Comparing Microsoft Transaction Server to Enterprise JavaBeans 2/17/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
A comparison of MTS and EJB by Microsoft. Also, a similar article by David Chappell, and a rebuttal.
Debate: COM+ vs. EJB 1/12/02 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
A terrific debate between Roger Sessions, a COM+ proponent, and Ed Roman, who prefers EJB.
King of the Network Operating Systems 1/25/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"It all boils down to what you're looking for in a network operating system (NOS)." A superficial but fair comparison of the NOS side of Win2K, Novell Netware 5.1, Red Hat Linux, and SCO UnixWare 7.1.1.
Linux Versus NT 1/12/02 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"Forget the browser wars. This year's big nerd battle is the server shootout between Linux and Windows NT - and it's not just a bunch of geeks nit-picking."
Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE: How Do They Stack Up? 10/26/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
By Jim Farley, author of Java Distributed Computing and co-author of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell.
NOS Crossroads 10/12/99 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"The NOS road is not so straight and narrow; PC Week Labs maps the best enterprise routes." Compares and rates Windows NT, Solaris, Linux, and Novell Netware.
Open Benchmark: Windows NT Server 4.0 and Linux 3/1/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"Open Benchmark Vindicates Mindcraft's Reputation and Shows Windows NT Server 4.0 Significantly Outperforms Linux."
Performance Evaluation of Microsoft Messaging Queue,IBM MQSeries and MQBridge 5/25/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"This report provides the results of performance tests of Microsoft® Message Queue and IBM MQSeries in a comparative evaluation in a Windows® 2000 environment on a low-end desktop computer and a high-end desktop computer. The report also includes throughput results when configured together through a bridge." By NSTL.
Solaris 8 and Windows 2000: Making the RIGHT Choice 2/18/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
Sun's "Solaris vs. Win2K" document. Also see "The Straight Dope on W2K ".
Alternatives to Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP 1/12/02 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
"Need to move from Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP to Microsoft Windows, IIS, SQL, and ASP? Microsoft provides alternatives for most open source products. Whether you need community support, up to date how-tos, or simply more full-featured products, Microsoft provides the resources and products you need."
Enterprise JavaBeans™ Technology vs. COM+/MTS 2/29/00 Stars5.gif (1046 bytes)
This page is a riduculous argument that compares EJB to DCOM, intead of COM+ as a whole. There are links to two good articles by Ed Roman, et al, that actually compare EJB to COM+.